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New alliance member


Currently seeking an alliance that can achieve lvl 5 weekly reward incubators.

Im level 17 with 4k trophies. Play daily and VIP.

Username is Pablo. Please of you are looking for another member let me know. Level 5 achievers only please.


Can’t promise the rank 5 but we are working on it and need more members to reach… me and my boyfriend play multiple times a day so we can use all the help to grow a lot bigger. Kings and queens of JW is the alliance


Hello. join my alliance if you have discord or can get it.


We’ve achieved rank 5 incubator in both missions and today one of our member with 5k trophies left to join his friends alliance. So now we’re looking for a active player with min 4k trophies. Someone like you. If you’re interested then message me. Our alliance is “Lords of Jurassic World”


I’m in a Spanish-speakers alliance looking for new members. Even though we only have 40 members, we hit the lvl 5 rewards in the missions. To join it’s compulsory to be added to our whatsapp group. Just let me know if you are interested and we will send you a request.