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New Alliance Mission Requirements?

This replaced out friendly battle section the defence training missions.

Wonder what else changed.

So far, that looks to be it. The requirement is 56 at the next rank. Good golly I hope it doesn’t continue to double from there. Might have been nice to have some warning since this is one that might require a little planning…


Even if it doubles at each rank, it’s still in 448 for the last rank, which isn’t too bad for a big alliance.

Saw a screenshot that hints that the final rank will actually be 140.

With friendlies being buggy for most, this should make it easier to complete these missions.

Tier 3 is 84

So 28, 56, 84 … 112, 140

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Thank you Ludia for informing us of this upcoming change, it is very much appreciated… OH WAIT. :thinking:

It’s a good change though, i’m not complaining about that, just comms round here still sucks.


Yeah. That’s probably the way it will go.

Saw a screenshot of a visual glitch before claiming the reward that showed 140 interactions.

Ah wondered how you had seen tier 5 so soon :+1:

Yeah … our alliance probably won’t be able to fill those, seeing as they barely interact with sanctuaries.

Sanctuaries will be a much easier goal for my Alliance to achieve than friendly battles ever were.

When it says interact does it specifically mean the Interactions only or does it include food and toys?

It is interact items only for our alliance. Food and Play do not register.

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While I don’t think my alliance will have any problems with this it will make it more difficult for us. Friendlies was never a problem. We just had 4 or 5 people take care of all of them. A few people had issues but most of us were fine. Now it will rely on others more

Friendlies weren’t an issue in our alliance. Its the incubators that cause the issues.

For us, it was incubators and battles. We only hit 4/4 when blue was offered. The amount of battles you need to do is insane.

Beats the Friendly Challenge one. My Alliance was stuck on 8/40 because Friendly Challenges just don’t work anymore.

It’s a good change, but a bit of notice would have been nice!

Rank 2 to rank 3 is in fact 84 interactions.

So it seems the progression is


Sounds like an alliance issue… its interactions means everyone gets 2 of them every 6 hours… meaning 1 person can do 8 a day. 10 people can do 80 interactions in a day.

This is easily one of the more achievable missions as long as you dont have a very small alliance.

But between blue, echo, carbo… my alliance has been interacting with sancts more then ever.

Ours has 17 members, out of which only 7 display activity. Maybe 8 sometimes. And thanks to Ludia’s “wonderful” alliance tools, we cannot find out who is playing, who is a newbie who cannot participate in the arena yet, and who has quit.

Hopefully they will increase the sanctuary items, or at least give us the options to purchase them.