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New Alliance Mission (Stop the Poachers)


LIke in Jarassic Park the 2nd Movie, there were poacher people that went to the island to trap the dinos and take them back the the mainland for profit.

Alliance Mission: Stop the Poaching
Your job as an alliance is you need to have 25 of your alliance members find and defeat the poachers.

The poachers will be different levels like hidden dino’s with highlighted colors and be like strike tower battles. Once you find and defeat the poacher team, like treasure chests, they disappear for the rest of the week. You get an incubator based on poacher level. As each alliance member finds and defeats a poacher, their name fills a slot in a list. Once the list is full, the alliance can collect the reward.


Like the idea!


Wait, but we’re already the poachers. Aren’t we? Not from JP2 but I’ve always assumed that’s what we’re doing in this game. With all the dinos constantly fleeing from our projectiles and whatnot. Plus, I’m like 99% sure that’s what the P in DPG stands for.

Otherwise, it would be a cool idea.