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New Alliance Mission Suggestions


The current alliance missions of darting, direct hits, spinning drops, battling, daily incubators is OK but your burning us out. We need something that isn’t so horribly repetitive and different from our daily missions.

These ideas should not be so repetitive and will make use of players living, working and traveling in different zones. I will add a separate mission in each reply to myself starting with this one.

Alliance Mission: Dino Collection

This weeks mission: Scientist Joe Schmoe needs you to collect one of every common dinosaur. Your job as an alliance is to find every one of the Dino’s on Joe’s list:

The list will be grey’d pictures of every local and global common spawn. As each alliance member finds and darts the dinosaurs, the picture of that dino will turn colored. Once all the dino’s have been found and darted, the alliance will receive what ever the reward.

With members living in many different zones this should be achievable. This could also be done with any and all spawning rares and epics as a separate mission or three missions to accomplish in one week.


From Jurassic Park, the 1st movie, we learned they created the dinosaurs from DNA found in mosquitoes covered by amber and used frog DNA to fill the missing strands.

Alliance Mission: Frog and Amber Collection (This could be to separate missions)
Your alliance mission is to find and collect as many frogs and Amber pieces as you can find. Your reward will be based on the amount of each item you find. The more you get the more your reward.

Frogs and pieces of amber will be hidden spawns like the hidden dino’s and common as common dino’s. Poke on them to pick them up. Have a dino spawn to replace the frog or amber so people don’t complain of this taking away spawns.


Like in Jarassic Park, the 2nd Movie, there were poacher people that went to the island to trap the dinos and take them back the the mainland to sell for profit.

Alliance Mission: Stop the Poaching
Your job as an alliance is you need to have 25 of your alliance members find and defeat the poachers.

The poachers will be different levels and like hidden dino’s with highlighted colors and be like strike tower battles. Once you find and defeat the poacher team, like treasure chests, they disappear for the rest of the week. You get an incubator based on poacher level. As each alliance member finds and defeats a poacher, their name fills a slot in a list. Once the list is full, the alliance can collect the reward. Poachers can still be obtained from anyone who has not yet found on after the amount has been obtained.


In the 3rd Jarassic Park movie, they went to this island to find a lost child.

Alliance Mission: Find the Lost Children
Your job as an alliance is you have one week to find the 4 lost children. Search far and wide and will be hard to find as they are hiding from being eaten.

Each zone will have one different child… Name them. The children will be like a hidden dinosaurs and they will be as rare as an epic which means a lot of walking around the we might stumble upon them by chance when we’re in range or maybe we happen on them outside our homes. With alliance members living and working in each zone will increase the chance of finding them all. Grant a reward per child found with extra reward for finding them all.


To add in a mission for the battling side but unique from our daily missions, this will make use of the PvP part of the game.

Alliance Mission: Alliance Badge Collection
Your job as an alliance is to collect as many different alliance badges as you can over the week. Each time you win a PvP battle, the badge and alliance name of the defeated team will be added to the list. Each badge will be worth one DNA of the rewarded dino, 10 coins and 1 hard cash for every 10 badges. Each member of the alliance who contributed to the list will receive a reward at the end of the week.

  • Each alliance member must win one PvP battle to be eligable to the end of the week reward.
  • One battle will have to be won in order to see the list and in the end claim any reward.

100 badges would equal 100 DNA, 1000 coins and 10 hard cash. Hypothetically, If 20 alliance members play 8 battles every day winning an average of 4 for 7 days, That would be 560 badges, 5600 coins and 56 hard cash for every alliance member. But alliance members will sometimes end up playing against the same alliances and not earn an extra badge if already on the defeat list.


In the Jurrasic World movie, the Idominus Rex escaped its cage and cause all kinds of havoc until it was finally beaten down by a T-Rex and Owen’s team. It was grabbed and then eaten by the water dinosaur.

Alliance Mission: Find the Idominus Rex
Your job as an alliance is to find and get darted samples of its DNA and report back its position.

Idominus Rex will spawn as a hidden dinosaur with epic rareness and each alliance member must find and dart (max 3 per person). The darting member will get the DNA they dart and the amount they dart will be added to a pot to be split evenly with each member of the alliance at the end of the week.


Creating new dinosaurs take specific DNA and sometimes needs to be assembled in a specific order. Dr Dino need some specific and fresh DNA in an exact order to create a new unique dinosaur.

Alliance Mission: Find and Retrieve the DNA needed by Dr Dino in his exact order.

There will be a panel of 50 needed DNA with a “?” except the first one which will be the first dino Dr Dino needs. It will remain grey’d until an alliance member finds and darts it. It will turn colored. Each alliance member must dart the first dino to be eligable for the end reward. Then the next “?” panel will show the next grey’d dino for the alliance to find. Once all 50 dino’s have been found “in order” and darted, each member of the alliance who contributed will receive a Unique DNA reward. DNA can be retrieved from the wild or from scents.


We learned that all the dinosaurs that were made are all female and not a mix in order to control the population. We found that because they used frog DNA to fill the gaps in the DNA strands of dinosaurs, the dinosaurs had the ability to change from female to male and the dinosaurs started to lay eggs and make baby’s.

Alliance MIssion: Egg collection
Scientist John Doe needs help obtaining eggs from as many different dinosaurs as he can get.

There will be a dinodex of every wild spawning dinosaur of grey’d out pictures and your alliance needs to collect as many as they can find in 7 days. When dino eggs are found, the picture of that dinosaur turns colored. Eggs will spawn randomly under a dinosaur after darting it. There will be a 1 out of 10 chance of eggs. This also means you need to be within the pulsating circle in order to see the spawned eggs after darting. If eggs appear under the dino after darting, simply poke on the eggs to collect them.

Rewards are based on the amount of different dino eggs found by the end of the week.


From all the Jurassic Park movies we know not all dinosaurs are friendly. There have been reports of dinosaurs gone wild and have begun to attack other dinosaurs and people for sport and not just food. It has made walking outside a dangerous endever.

Alliance Mission: Dino’s Gone Wild
Your job as an alliance is to find and exterminate the dangerous dinosaurs. Be careful that they don’t exterminate you. Have your team ready. Each alliance and alliance member is rewarded based on how far they get.

Dangerous dinosaurs will spawn randomly at a rare rate and you must find and battle them. They will have a red hew around them.
A list of your alliance members will be displayed and show the amount of dangerous dinosaurs they have exterminated. Poking on the dino’s will put you into battle with them. All dangerous dinosaurs start off at level 1 and increase 1 level after every successful take down. You get one chance per dino or you must find another elsewhere. You will be rewarded 100 coins times the dino level. Every dangerous dino gets harder. Each alliance member is challenged to battle and take down all 30 levels of dinosaurs in 7 days or as many as they can do with their teams.
Rewards starts at 6 dino take downs, then 12, 18, 24 and 30. Reward amounts to the alliance will be based on how many members have obtained each level of take downs. Rewards of common, rare, epic, legendary and unique dino DNA will be based on how many alliance members hit each take down level. Each alliance member must achieve the specific levels in order to be rewarded that level rarity dinosaur at the end of the week. In other words if a few in your alliance take out all 30 levels of dino’s and you only got to epic, you won’t receive any Legendary or Unique DNA. You are only rewarded with your alliance in what you achieved.

Common DNA = Members achieved x 100. Rare DNA = Members achieved x 75. Epic DNA = Members achieved x 50. Legendary DNA = Members achieved x 25. Unique DNA = Members achieved x 15.


Oh gosh!
That’s a lot of ideas!
Exterminate dinosaurs?! Cool!
Find the indominus rex?! Coolio!


Better than, “Just do what you already do every day, but 1000s of times to the point of boredom.”

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My only thought here is data requirements. The ap is already large, the data usage is so so. The ideas are solid but there are limitations that make anything overly complex impossible