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New Alliance Missions (Dino Collections)


The current alliance missions of darting, direct hits, spinning drops, battling, daily incubators is OK but your burning us out. We need something that isn’t so horribly repetitive. 16000 darts is a bit much.

Here is something a bit different and not so repetitive and will make use of players living and working in different zones.

This weeks mission: Scientist Joe Schmoe needs you to collect one of every common dinosaur species. Your job as an alliance is to find every one of the Dino’s on Joe’s list:

The list will be a grey’d pictures of every local and global common spawn. As each alliance member finds and darts the dinosaurs, the picture of that dino will turn colored. Once all the dino’s have been found and darted, the alliance will receive what ever the reward.

With members living in many different zones this should be achievable and not like having to shoot thousands of darts.

You can do this with rare and epic dinosaurs. You can do this with the different types of dinosaurs.

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