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New Alliance Needed..

I am level 15 player, on the brink of leveling up to 16. My trophy count is in between-ish of Aviary and Library. I am an active player. Pretty much play everyday. I quit my alliance after most members being lesser and lesser active. Please feel free to list your alliance. Might do Discord…

That shrek and mike wazowski fusion is straight up terrifying.

We ( the eternal Bd Wong) have 5 members currently and would welcome the addition.
All relatively active. Be nice to have you on board.

Questions if I may. Is Discord a requirement? And whats is your avg Alliance Missions Incubators?

Hi NewNewbie. I know how you feel, we banded together for the same reason. We (Megalo strike back) would be happy to have you join us. Discord is not required. Avg alliance missions 9/8 (we did hit 10 once). we will be glad to have you. If you want to try it out for a week to see if we are fit, I am open to that.

Will be sendin a request. WamSam’s the name

Thank you mate. glad to have you onboard