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New Alliance needed

Level 3500 and 4700 players are looking for an alliance. We woke up this morning and are no longer in the alliance we were in before. Not sure what happened. But we regularly contribute DNA and play daily.

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Long live monomimus would be happy to have ya! We’re chill, trade, and work towards alliance missions.

We just cleaned out some folks that were at 0 for too long. We hit 4 on alliance missions and with a couple more active players we will hit 5.

We have spots open in JWA TeamTexas. We do use a Discord and that is mandatory. We currently have 46 very active player of all levels and finish missions from 4/3 to 5/4.
We’d love to have y’all and NO we aren’t all from Texas :grin:

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Rank 5/4 alliance Raptor Hunters would gladly accept you. We do have a discord page too, for communication.

U can send request back to your alliance leader to join again.
Is a waste since is already almost the end of mission, u will miss the reward if u don’t get a new one.

That’s ridiculous, what was your previous alliance expecting? 4,800+ trophies?

I’m sure you will find a better one that appreciates you two. I’d invite you to ours if we had more than one opening.


My alliance is called ‘TheLegends’!
We are a very active alliance. We donate as much DNA as we can, we complete daily missions like fire, we chat and exchange friendly battles along with thank yous!
We currently have a few spots open.
I run the alliance, so I do inactive sweeps from time to time. All we ask is that you be active and happy!
Sincerely, Master

Newer alliance could use your higher level talents to help our new players along and give our higher level battle pool a little more variety!

Stan 𝙺𝚎ho DNA team could use your help. Small alliance.

If u wish to join a “Team alliance” that really play like a TEAM, giving priority to mission, let me know.
We get into 5-4 in 3.1/2 days.
45 active players.
We only want “team player”, that will cooperate with how the team work with mission.
Let me know if you interested.

I’m not in JWA Texas but @RiverrattQ and her group are lovely and very supportive. They helped me with getting my alliance -Michigan Monsters- on track and I would highly recommend them.

Best of luck.

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UK valkyries will accept