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New alliance New to game

looking for active players to join our alliance “Joe Exotics Dino Alliance” all levels welcome!

Just don’t invite or accept an invite from Carol Baskin! She’ll take your dinos and you’ll be in jail.

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What do you mean? @RageBringer

Joe Exotic is a reference to Tiger King or whatever…that show on Netflix. Carol Baskin is like the bad guy on that show. I didn’t even watch the show, but it is a pretty popular reference in 2020. I know Carol Baskin is never to be trusted.

Ah, ok

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Just bumping to keep post relevant. :slight_smile:

Still looking for more members! :grin:

I hope we can find some members :grin:

Our alliance “Joe Exotics Dino Alliance” is looking for active players to join. :grin:

id love to join, i sent a request

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thanks for accepting me, i see that you’re low level so feel free to ask for as much dna as you like, its quite likely ill be able to donate some

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Okay, and thank you were all playing daily :grin:

Bummmmmpp for relevance.