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New alliance notification


Just added a new member to my alliance and in the chat screen there was a green notification saying.

Evicton has joined our alliance. Welcome.

Now Im the leader so the message is a little off to say the least so its not quite working. But this is the first time Ive seen this notification, is it new?

Alliance Tab bug

Gotta be new never seen a notification for removing someone in the past.

Wanna let the team know this isnt quite working right yet. I wasnt kicking and adding myself. But glad to work being done.


Not the only one our alliance has the same issue


Just had an odd bug in my alliance tab.
I am the leader of the alliance I’m in and it sent a message that I left the alliance. (note:I didn’t)
I still can communicate with my alliance members and to them it shows me as leader still.
Any idea what happened? (I was connected to wifi and we all know that is the devil)

Edit: I just got welcomed back to the alliance.


Hey Jnuttengr, that sounds really weird, and I’m not sure what could have happened. Our team is still looking into an issue where the Alliance tab is displaying incorrect information, and it’s possible that it could be related. If you have a screenshot of those messages, our team would be happy to take a look for you if you contacted them here at along with your support key.

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