New Alliance: Old Europe Alliance

Hi all,

I have created a new alliance open to any European who wishes to share an alliance with common European values ​​and more or less common schedules that help us to synchronize.

I speak Catalan, Spanish, French and English and I think I can read more or less Italian and Portuguese. There will be no single language in the alliance, although English can be used to understand each other.

Other alliances demand dedication or high level, this one does not. This alliance only asks to share the values ​​of respect and a minimum of involvement.

When I created this alliance I had in mind the image of the castellers, the human towers that are made in my land, Catalonia, and that symbolize as nothing on this planet the unity and human complicity. To build a castle you need men and women, adults, young people and children, people of 130 kg and people of 15 kg. In the same way, I would like this alliance to be composed of men and women, of different levels in the game, ages, countries and professions.

Will someone sign up? If so, welcome to “Old Europe Alliance”



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We are eleven! but we need more Europeans !!! :slight_smile:

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