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New alliance positions available

Promoted positions available

We are a new alliance looking for active members. Top positions open. I’m a level 20 experienced player.

LittleRedRidinghood is a new alliance looking for members. Promoted positions open. All members welcome.

How many players are in your guild?

Currently about 23

Trying to get a nice mix of experienced players and new players.

Why not join my alliance and have a full alliance with good raiding core group and 3 lvl 20 sancs starting Tuesday?

Created and ran a top alliance before I took a break. Told my sister I would help her do it. But thanks for the offer

She would be welcome and we could discuss maybe having you guys as co-leaders/officers if you are interested in having another strong guild that can do all raids and carry low players in Apex raids even.

I would be interested in having others join my discord for raid coordination.
Little Red Ridinghood