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New Alliance Recruiting Members!

For anyone interesting in joining an alliance, please consider us! We have a minimum level 10 requirement, though it is flexible. We wish to find people who are active and willing to help with the alliance missions and tournament, though we won’t push you to do it, it would be helpful. We are a small group of 11 people currently and are a family-friendly environment, so try to stray away from vulgar language. You can request creatures when you went, and we will try to donate if we can, however, we want you to donate as well.

We have a discord, and though it is not a requirement, it helps with raid bosses. If you have discord, contact either Indominus Gamer #7398 or Cheeseeater #5104 on discord, or message me in the forum. For Jurassic World Alive, the clan is Cheesedominuscrusher Rex, although that is getting changed. We left an inactive alliance, so we created a new one with our names mixed up, and that’s the backstory. On Jurassic World Alive, the names are IndominusGamer #4704 and Cheeseking #7496. Come join us!