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New Alliance recruiting - TerrorLizards

Looking for daily (or most days at least!) players to join new alliance. Anyone welcome - all I ask is that you play!! All my previous alliances ended up with 10-15 active players doing all the work so I’d like to see everyone helping out! Only 2 members right now - but we were only created an hour ago so hoping for more soon!!

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We have 4 members now - all active and all over 4500 trophies!! Please join us! No discord required - just active players!

We are still recruiting!

Still looking for new alliance members! We made it just about to level 3/2 with only 4 members so could get up pretty easily with a few more active players! Come join us!

Still recruiting! Up to 10 active members now! Check us out!

If interested you can check us out. Dinomite Fight Club. Have 9 open spots but can make room for 10

Up to 12 members and still recruiting!

13 members now and a solid 3/2 in alliance missions! Still recruiting so check us out! TerrorLizards is our name!

Bumping this thread - up to 18 members and still looking if anyone’s interested!

If you’d like to combine alliances I can talk to my leader. We recently were hacked in our old group, so we made a new one. There’s 20 people as of now and were all active. Message me if you’re interested !