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New Alliance Recruitment

Hi so I started my own alliance in JWA after my old alliance started to let in too many people that just didn’t help out. I have been patient but nobody has joined. I had friends in the alliance but they all left because we weren’t getting the weekly rewards. I am not planning on being the only leader of the group and plan on making the strongest and most hard working players my co-leaders. It would mean the world to me if you guys helped me start up my alliance. The name of the alliance is Jurassic Patriot.

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I might be able to help out @Dual_Devastation. Contact MINMI#4136 via discord for more info.

Good luck to you & your team
I’m in a small Alliance (XxWolfPackxX) and seems I’m the only one who does most of the weekly rewards :laughing:

Texasdinigirl, I have sent you an invite to our group, we are Re-building our alliance and you would be very welcome in “Diggies club”.
Duel devastation, If your new alliance does not work out, you too would be very welcome, we are laid back but active and gaining in numbers.