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New Alliance search for me, my fiancé, and our friend


We are active players looking for a very active group. As we do love our alliance most aren’t active anymore and don’t donate when we are always donating what we can. We’re very friendly and I love to conversate. I’m always willing to help anyone that needs it.


Specialized Hunters are looking for new members. There’s only 3 of us, but we were able to get to rank 3 on the exploration and rank 2 on defense alliance missions.


That’s pretty impressive considering the size of your group Quicksilver!


Our Alliance could make room for the 3 of you as well :blush: We’re called YouBetJurassican, please look us up and let me know if you’re interested. We’re pretty friendly and have at least 2 other couples in the group.

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If you can’t find anyone, we’re also looking for members.

We are dedicated and active as well. Feel free to join AustCorpGen2 or I can send you an invite if you like.


Okay Quicksilver my names BLAZE4DAYZZZZ, my fiancé is Bets, and our friend is Andrew. I’ll send them today.