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New alliance started!

DINO P R O - All active players are welcome, level not important!

Please join if you want a easy going alliance! :slight_smile:

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Heia Norge!

There are more of us Norwegians playing this game? Fantastic!

Kanskje vurdere å bli med da :blush:

Any communication channels established outside the in-game chat?
What’s the expected activity level for weekly missions?
Currently between 4400 and 4600 and might be willing to swap for a more active alliance than my current one

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Hello, I’ve got three members who would join you after this alliance event is done. My name is Masian1492.

Cool! I will let you guys on for sure!

sweet I’ll submit a request come monday


How are you going to tell me dodge is supposed to work 75% of the time? when it’s only worked about 10-20% out of all my matches today. The aggravating part is that everyone else’s dodge works! Jeez I’m seriously considering installing the game, after this wack update.