New alliance starting!

There are no trophy count requirements nor level requirements! All I ask is please be cooperative and get 10 tournament takedowns every weekend. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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Good luck :fist:

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Is it ok if I play once a week

I’ll take any help! Just try your best to get the 10 weekly takedowns in the tournament

Thank you!

Best of luck @GadZip a new alliance will be hard to get going currently.

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Hi! I was just wondering what makes new alliances hard to get going currently? I’ve also started a new alliance with 8 people and we haven’t been able to find more members yet

I think the number of new people joining the game is not enough to cover the ones leaving (understandably, as this is an old game) so even the top-tier alliances are looking out for new members. With so many alliances out there, it is hard to stand out.

There are a few good reasons:

  1. After patch 2.11 there have been a lot of players upset and leaving the game due to Ludia’s restrictions on raids by player’s account level
  2. There are a lot of good guilds already started earning solid rewards in both weekly and tourneys
  3. IT is a LOT of work finding the right 50 players that all work well with each other and overall takes at least a year if not longer.

you could think about merging your 8 players with an alliance that is fairly well started. Just food for thought.

Hi, I’m sorry for the late reply! It’s been a really busy week. Thank you for the reply by the way, and yeah that definitely does make sense

Yeah that also makes a lot of sense! Thank you for your reply!

Thank you for the advice, it is very much appreciated! I’m not sure how it happened but we were able to gain some new members over time and now have 19 members in our alliance currently

Ah yes good old Brandon😂, good luck and I hope you get lots of members.

When you first start an alliance it’s very slow going as some are hesitant to join, but it then snowballs into more and more members as it fills up.

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