New Alpha bugs

My clan has been fighting 8* and 9* Alphas for a while now, and we defeated our Alpha early today. So when I received a notification stating the Alpha was defeated, I took a cursory glance to see if, somehow, a new one had spawned early.

The latest Alpha showed as defeated so I figured it was a problem with the notification itself being triggered and moved on.

It was not.

When I checked again because I saw some of my clanmates talking about some weird goings on with the Alpha, I realized what I missed in not being more thorough.

Not one, but a minimum of four whole, separate Alphas, have spawned over the course of today, each one 2*, to 3*. Not counting the initial Alpha that spawned correctly and was either an 8* or 9*. The clanmembers that were around and aware for these spawns took down the Alphas quickly, and have now been brought down to level 3 chests.

On top of this, everyone’s Alpha points have been fully reset to 0.

I have no idea if this is going to have an impact on tomorrow’s Alpha, if it will fix itself. Honestly I had no plans to pick up the game unless to partipate in clan until they fixed a good number of these issues, but if that’s broken too, what’s the point?

Weekend or not, there should not be pure silence with things in as bad a condition as they are.


Very bad news … I planned to stick around fighting with my clan as well while waiting for all those bugs to be fixed and the resources to be rebalanced (e.g. scales). The clan and slowly leveling my Alpha team is the only thing that keeps me around, if Alphas are bugged as well I‘ll quit playing.

Hey Mysterious, our team would be happy to investigate this further to see what might have happened. Could you reach out to our team here at with your support key so they can gather more info? Thanks!