New alternative for "Alliance Championship Reward Collections"

This topic is regarding the announcement : [News] Jurassic World Alive | Alliance Championship Reward Collections

I’m not going go over the points discussed again of how this system didn’t address the actual problem and instead could cause more problems for actual participating players which Ludia can’t guarantee refunding them. Instead I’m going to propose a new idea for a system that could work and still be fair.

And my idea is the following:

  • Limit the reward to 50 players
  • Switch Alliance scores from being recorded statically and make it dynamic (Can increase or decrease).
  • Tie players’ scores with players not the alliances they were in when they were participating.
  • If player leave an alliance he takes his score with him to the new alliance he joins.
  • if some alliances try to invite a player who didn’t participate in the tournament then that would reduce their overall score & in some cases deny them the top reward.
  • If player got expelled from his alliance they can still take their score with them and join an alliance quickly before AC reward collecting time.

How complicated is implementing this? I don’t know, but for me it is perfect to tackle all problems. Tell me if there is a problem I didn’t think of that could be result of what I recommended.