New amphibian shybrid

New amphibian shybrid ideas

There’s only one shybrid amphibian which is the diplosuchus

Ludia pls make a new amphibian shybrid make a shybrid of nundagosaurus or ostaposaurus

We’re probably not getting one of Ostaposushus because if I’m not mistaken, it’s a tourney hybrid

But Idk since I stopped playing a few months ago

Ostaposaurus is a base-legendary hybrid, not a tourney hybrid.

After Ostapo s-hybrid and/or a new Amphib tourney hybrid, I’d just like to see a hybrid of another class get morphed and turned into an amphib s-hybrid. Example: Metrialong, with it being a super rare Carnoraptor, why not give it’s s-hybrid form the boot and make it an amphibian. What about Parasaura? Limnorhynchus?

Sadly, it won’t be for a while where amphibs finally get some love… outside of mediocre tourney releases…


Ostaposuchus = ostaposaurus + koolasuchus s DNA

Lvl 10 hp: 5,009
Lvl 10 atk: 2,561

Lvl 20 hp: 6,847
Lvl 20 atk: 3,298

Lvl 30 hp: 8,688
Lvl 30 atk: 4,094

Lvl 40 hp: 11,099
Lvl 40 atk: 5,065

Top tier amphibian slightly weaker than indoraptor