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New Amphibian Speculation

he’s special because he’s the only jurassic tournament to surpass an aquatic tournament in ferocity (Archelon.)

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Don’t you mean ornithocheirus?

they’re identical, he’s not better lol

It looks a little bit more cartoony than other dinos I’ve seen :joy:


wait is there like a cycle when ludia gives out something in gmail? cuz if there’s none he actually might have a hybrid cuz why would ludia send something in gmail if its just a new creature, like albertosaurus, deinonychus and platecarpus was not shown in gmail so maybe a hybrid?

Just a guess

Both platecarpus and albertosaur were teased in the monthly newsletters too, I hope it does get a hybrid though.


I mean in gmail, not in-game. wait yup i see them in gmail but its because there’s other things ludia wants to announce though. this time its just him and follow on twitter.

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yea when i looked at its pack thumbnail and its card then it looked like a blue crocodile toy

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they are not the same gastornis is a terrorbird and orithocheirus is a feathered gallimimus

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it’s deinosuchus

i fixed the thumbnail and the post

i guess i will be careful next time when i see a new creature

I will be in an area where I will not have internet service and my wife will kill me if I spend all weekend trying to find a spot to play in.


I can’t wait it’s a tank :heart_eyes: and be good against flyers if uesd right

This thread us why I don’t hype up them anymore.

Did we need another Amphib? Yes
Did we need it with tank stats? Meh
Will we get a hybrid out of this? Time will tell
Subsequently will it be a glass cannon hybrid? Unless paired with an extremely fragile glass cannon counterpart, no.


Well at least it’s something not recycled from JWA.



Ngl though, it did look more like purussaur because of how wide its jaw is. So this is just extra reason why we shouldnt jump to conclusions based on models (allo, giga).

Also the hybrid components dont really make sense anymore they could pair 2 tanks together and make a glass cannon and it really wouldnt surprise me lol.

I mean dracoceratops and chromaspinus are weaker than metriaphodon when there components overall ferocity should mean they’re stronger. I really wouldnt be surprised if they made an amphibian hybrid with kapro g2 and deinosuchus yet making it weaker than segnosuchus lol.


im going to target for 500 trophies today then 1000 trophies tomorrow then 1400 trophies because i will be kinda busy on monday


Yep even with deinosuchus being weak it doesn’t mean he gets a strong hybrid. I mean ceratosaurus is much weaker and he has a strong hybrid


Right now it seems like Ludia is just copypasta-ing Yudons stats onto any new hybrid, then tweaking them. Ferocity hasn’t mattered much these past few hybrids. Thus I’d expect any tourney amphib hybrid to be joining the yudon stats club.