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New and confused on PVP

My heroes are all level 8 and I just had two battles on a row where my opponent had two heroes with counter attack and one with Dominate. I basically killed myself!

Is this a fluke or are all pvp teams like that at this level? This seems very imbalanced to me. Oh, I have 1200 score. My friend said people just spend money and then farm low level pvp for fun. I really hope this is not the case as I had a chance in pvp until this point.

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It really is pretty random overall. I have lost 10 in a row and won 10 in a row and most combos in between. I will say however that most of the time when you fight bots it seems like they have high gear for their levels. Generally you can tell bots by their names. The first part is descriptive the second is a noun… cold elf, firey banshee, proud barbarian, makes like that.


Counter attack and dominate are on epic items, which are useable at levels 7 and 8.

Once people are capable of farming Hidden Forge or later challenges, the rate of Epic accumulation increases. This isn’t so much an issue of pay to win, as having played the game longer and gained more resources.

So you will definitely start to see more and more opponents with these abilities as you climb the arena ladder. But here’s the thing, you’re about to get these abilities for your character soon too. You should be able to clear 2 bosses in hidden forge by now. Just keep plugging away at the challenges, especially when you see desireable gear and you’ll get to 2200 trophies sooner than you expect.


Yea this is the norm for pvp for quite a while, especially coutner attack. You will need to get similar gear, and also learn to use disarm and immobilize to progress at that stage. Ive spent tons on this game, and almost all my heroes are using epics mixed with some rares, commons and a legend here and there, but mostly epics, and im lv14, renown 19.


Hey Lee_Maker, the thread here really helped me out with my PVP team: Item rank vs rarety

It might be worth it to take a look. :slight_smile: