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New animation models for other classes

Greeting everyone
This year Ludia brought us two new animation models for the herbivore class (Brachiosaurus and more recently the Iguanodon) so now I would like to know (even more from the most experts because I’m not) what new animation models would you purpose for every creature class to see in a future.
Personally I would like to see (I’m using the acronym UM for Unique Models)


  • Oviraptoridae class such as Oviraptor, Conchoraptor, Citipati, Nomingia
  • Gorgonops or Inostrancevia


  • Giant Turtles like Carbonemys, Stupendemys, Meiolania
  • Beelzebufo (UM)
  • Tanystropheus (UM)


  • Giant flying birds such as Argentavis or Pelagornis
  • Megalania (UM)


  • Chapalmalania, Ferinestryx or Plesiogulo
  • Gigantopithecus (UM)


  • Dire Wolf (UM)
  • Ancient Bovines like Aurochs or Bison antiquus


  • Stratodus (UM)
  • Asterolepis (UM)
  • Protosphyraena or Xiphiorhynchus


  • Ichtyosaurus or Ophtalmosaurus
  • Basilosausus (UM)
  • Yaguarasaurus (UM)


  • Aetobatus (UM)
  • Giant cetaceans such as Livyatan, Squalodon, Macrokentriodon or Inticetus

You’ll notice I skipped Pterosaurs, and it’s because I honestly didn’t know what to put there, but tell me which ideas you find interesting or what would you purpose.


Awesome ideas! I would also really love it if some creatures sharing the T-Rex animation were given another separate one. For example, Allosaurus and Giganotosaurus… And Alangasaurus. The T-Rex animation somehow doesn’t suit them much, at least in my opinion.


There are a lot of species you’ve mentioned and honestly I’d love to see them all in-game.
I’ll try to list some animals that could have unique animations myself

For carnivores, I always wanted megaraptorans like megaraptor or australovenator getting some love, it’s a very mysterious clade of theropods known for their elongated hand claws and proportionally large arms.
They could have an unique animation of attacking mainly with their claws rather than jaws.

As for amphibians, there is definitely a new model needed, for now we only have a limnoscelis based model, ichthyostega model, sarcosuchus and kaprosuchus models, but there are some amphibians that fit into none of these models, like boverisuchus or desmatosuchus (they were not really amphibians but could be stuffed into that class like postosuchus [which requires its own model as well by the way])

For the flying class, it’s hard not to notice that it’s dominated by pterosaurs, maybe it’s time to introduce something entirely new? Like archaeopteryx, for an example.
And I can’t get rid of the voice in my head whispering “microraptor” even though it was a glider, but I swear I have read once about a theory that it might’ve been an active flyer after all.


We need Allosaurus at least have Three finger LOL XD


If any more Abelisaurs (relatives of Carnotaurus) are added in the future, they deserve their own rig

A dream of mine would be small dinosaurs like compies, but as a swarm that acts as one

@Cave_Johnson we now think that Microraptor was capable of powered flight


sloth animation

amphicyon animation

Abelisaur animation
Carcharodonto animation
postosuchus remodel

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Yeah, first I thought that DIRE WOLF would fit in CAVES with the AMPHICYON rig, but watching carefully, that model looks rougher and with a bigger head, maybe putting the DIRE WOLF as a snow creature would mean to create a new and more stylish mold, in the case of
the GIGANTOPITHECUS, it would be nice to see him pounding it’s chest and hear a more beastly roar

Agree! The amphicyon animation were looks ugly! Dire Wolf should have an more Majestic and balanced Animation. Also! I think Argentavis (kind of giant bird) and Harpagornis (kind of smaller bird) should have a same Animation but different size n model(like the Pachycephalosaurus and Dracorex for example)


Why can’t Tanystropheus be in aquatic with the Plesiosaur animation (I know it’s not a plesiosaur)

And also there are other animation model ideas I’ve got

  • Anomolacaris, Opabinia and Peytoia
  • Jaekelopterus, Pterygotus and Eurypterus
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