New Animations For New Creaturs

Here are a couple of new animations for new creatures

  1. Prosauropods: These include Plateosaurus and Massospondylus, i imagine since they are Sauropod predecessors, they could stand on all 4 but when eating and battle they stand on their hind legs

  2. Small Carnivores: Dinos like Compy or Juravenator, could be like JWA, with each point counting to one creature and health split to 3. Their eating animation will have the 3 of the crowd around a large piece of meat

  3. Sea Insects: Anomalacaris, Jakolopterus. These could be Caves, but im not the brightest. They could eat by snagging a fish with their pincers/mouth tendrils

  4. Ancient Birds of Prey: Haast Eagle and Argentavis. They could eat by having a prehistoric horse enter and then the bird swoop down and catches it

  5. Semi-Aquatic Reptiles: Nothosaurus and Tanystropheus, there are 2 animation ideas i had, 1st is for aquatic. They’re chasing a fish, but it gets close to land and they catch it and eat it in land and go back to the ocean. 2nd is for Amphibian, they could go into the body of water and catch a fish and come back up

Well thats all i had, what do you have in mine


Megaraptorid rig.
This rig includes megaraptor and or Deltadromeus. The feeding animation would be as follows. A goat walks into the cage, the megaraptorid glares at it, waiting to strike. Then out of nowhere, the megaraptorid starts speeding towards the goat, knocking it to the side. Then the megaraptorid eats the goat and goes back to it’s regular position.

  1. Small and large ichtyosaurs rig :
    Both being reef. Small ichtyosaurs contain ichtyosaurus, Mixosaurus, Ophtalmosaurus etc and large ichtyosaurs contain shonisaurus, Shastasaurus, cymbospondylus etc. Large ichtyosaurs eat sharks while small ichtyosaurs eat squids
  2. Placodonts (reef)
    The feeding animation for placodonts would be one of them eating on a coral

Thats cool idea

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  1. Prehistoric whales: Basilosaurus, Livyatan, Dorudon etc
    Like the mosasaurs, they will eat shark.

  2. Prehistoric horses: Hipparion, Merychippus, Mesohippus etc.
    They will eat plants

But i just said that Argentavis eats horses

Those are big horses not small ones like eohippus if you meant small horses

Ah i see like the one that the IRL Gastornis preys on

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Yep exactly

Oviraptorids for carnivores:


They’re herbivores