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New animations for the dinos

Ludia im a fan of jurassic world alive for his AR, now I have a youtube Chanel and I upload videos of this game but when I got the new trodon I see that it has the same animation of the raptor, hutaraptor, darkraptor, blue, hecho, delta, charlie, pyriraptor, proceraptor and a lot more I was very frustradet because its a totaly diferent dinosaur and my favorite part of the game is the AR.

Also in combats it have no sense its like play whit a green raptor. The creatures only have 2 animations please put different. If it is a variant of the dinosaur I understand o if its and hybrid but a trodon is not a raptor and I like a lot if yo put different animations to some dinos like blue or some flying thanks.


Yeah, raptors overall need more animations. I mean, 2 animations for one of the largest groups in the game. Bruh

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