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New animations


Been dropping arenas to have fun with some low/mid tier dinos cus at 3000+ all we see is overleveled noobs , and i was using stagymoloch and saw he got a new animation on is instante charge, a pretty awesome animation btw
Maybe theres more new animations on other dinos let me know on the coments :wink:
Heres a preview


Can you take a video of the animation?
They actually made the update work :grinning:
Dont want to ask too much of you!


Im with mobile data only bud :unamused: sorry
Try him on a friendly batlle and see, it worth it is animation is great

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I think the only change is the headbutt animations. Haven’t seen any new animations other than that


All the headbutters (Dracorex/Dracoceratops/Stygimoloch/Pachycephalosaurus) have this new awesome animation, I don’t think there are any other though


so does utarinex


Wish every dino type had a different animation for their attacks! Love the new IC animation!


Maybe crocodiles have new animation too nobody uses then i need to check iff they are diferente


Monostegotops’ slowing impact appears to be slightly different, not sure though might just be my imagination :thinking:


Indoraptor’s crit seems different


That image though; moments before the disaster

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Alosinossaurus does have a diferent sound when we won a batlle or friendly batlle
He has 2 sounds like every dino but that one is slighty diferent