New Ankylosaur rework... New Tryko incoming?

So, after the controversial ceratopsian change, now we have the ankylosaurs being changed (and nerfed) as vulnerability specialists.
Which leads to a very interesting question… are their hybrids gonna follow through?
Can you imagine how GOOD Tryko would be with superior vulnerability?

I do hope they at least entertain the idea…

Don’t touch Tryko. It’s perfectly balanced. Then people will say it’s OP and it’ll get nerfed.


I wanted Rajakylo to have Superior vulnerability. He needs it!


If anything, I think tryko could stand to lose around 80 attack points. Obviously not dire or absolutely necessary, but it’s something I would absolutely not be opposed to.

I’d def rather not have it get SV though, but it’s a cool idea to imagine.

Wuut! No, let’s just not touch It. Tryko is good, but not necessarily in a great position among tyrants after the crit nerf(which I’m not really opposed to) and added partial immunities. Imo any nerf is too much.


It’s just the ability to constantly spam instants and crit on every single counter for a very solid chunk of damage while taking almost none in return that makes me partially want it to lose a little damage. It’s not absolutely necessary or something I’d actively campaign for, just a personal thing.

But remember that most of the time the use of instant distraction and invincibility will be useless against the majority of immune opponents, so what It has left is only the raw damage. So It can’t actually spam that without consequence. I would be mad If Tryko was nerfed in any way in the current meta, cause to me it’s almost getting in a disavantage against most opponents, but not gonna discuss anymore over your personal feelings :slightly_smiling_face:

Thor and Tenonto having the exact same damage but without a spammable damage blocker and a x.5 counter that crits every other turn is just unfortunate. At the very least, they should both get buffs so tryko isn’t just eons better.

Hopefully Tryko isn’t touched. But I’d love for Dioraja to get SV


I agree they should have a buff too. Without overboosting they are barely useful. I think Thor should have a bit more health and perhaps a bit more damage like a 4350 and 1700 build. I once though about adding 10% armor but that may be too much against Thor’s counters. For tenonto i think It should get swap in stun and perhaps 4600 hp, It is a hadrosaur after all.

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Yeah i don’t want Tryko to change either but the move definitely fits Dio. And since Dio is only just high Apex i think It would be fair If this change got It to low tyrant along with Tryko. And the move got a small nerf too so i don’t think It would be OP.

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In my ideal world, Tenonto I think should have 4700 health and Immune to Slow, so we can have a tride and true hard counter to the twin sauropods.


Health I can agree with but immune to slow nope; it takes a lot of good counters like rinex, and dilorach; it’s like with nemys before tenotorex was the perfect counter but now that immune to slow nemys wins always


I’m not sure about immune to slow, It might affect too many matchups in tenrex’s favor. I do want tenonto to be a true counter for at least maxima. But for that to happen maxima should just get the damage reduced to 1150. Maxima shouldn’t have gotten that much damage in the first place. As for gemini, imo It should never have gotten immunity, but It does deserve the great stats. I think gemini should lose immunity and get the old stats back or at least lose immunity to bleed.


I would rather have an additional 100% counter to Gemini and Maxima than a mindgames tossup match against 2 dinos nobody uses anyway.

Prior to Monday I might have agreed. Max is more than fine now, it’s not even high tyrant anymore. At this point, there should be buffs to dinos to be able to beat it than more stat nerfs. Between the loss of DR and a health nerf, max has had about enough. Only indirects from this point forward unless it’s an immunity-wide change, which I’m absolutely not opposed to.

Again it’s not just those two, stuff like tarkus, dsungaia, lose tha ability either to hurt it or damage it at all

That’s cool. Tenonto is a unique with a daily exclusive and a park exclusive. A health buff alone won’t make it much better. It’ll have plenty of countermeasures with slow immunity.

I’m not gonna get my hopes up, but in an ideal world, all dinos should be useful. Ludia should fix this meta so that can happen by reducing the number of partial immunities. Adding more partials is not the way to go here, It will just bring more imbalance and less variety. And they should start by fixing that gross miscalculation that is those 2 new hybrids that have immunity to distraction while having definite rampage and ferocious moves. Nothing like that should ever have immunity to distraction.

I mean it kinda would making have 4.7 or 4.8 mean it beats every chomper except indom, raptors are basically toast lol and it can kill maxima efficiently and Geminititan with mind games