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New Apex: Aquos Spino

Come on Lidia we deserve a Spino Apex with the most recent developments in Spinosaur discoveries it would be a missed opportunity if You guys don’t do a Spino with a Lot of amphibious features


Here is a spinosaurus apex


I would give it Definite Rampage


Screenshot_20210303-082100_Chrome Screenshot_20210303-082109_Chrome

Waiting for the new apex too. Spino would be cool. But what colour would it have? Reddish pink, blue, bluish green and white are already taken.

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I would think that wounding strike is to op and unfair to the opponent

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Here is my idea for an Apex Spino!

Health: 84858 Total

3 rounds, 28286 per round

Damage: 1,104

Speed: 132

Armor: 0%

Critical Chance: 5%


Deceleration, Stun, Bleed: 100%

Vulnerable, Rend: 80%

Distraction: 50%

Movesets: Round 1

Slashing Claws: ( Target All Opponents. Pierce Armor. Inflict .2 DoT for 2 turns)

Random Lethal Wound

Fierce Impact

Voracious Strike (Target Highest HP. Attack 1x. Heal 10% of Max Health.)

Round 2

Slashing Claws

Group Lethal Wound

Fierce Rampage

Voracious Strike

Round 3

Shattering Claws

Group Lethal Impact

Fierce Rampage

Voracious Impact



Health: 6511

Damage: 1418

Speed: 134

Armor: 0%

Critical Chance: 5%

Group Cleansing Strike

Resilient Strike

Taunting Rampage


Health: 7596

Damage: 1447

Speed: 103

Armor: 0%

Critical Chance: 5%

Superiority Strike

Group Decelerating Impact

Slowing Rampage

Unlock Level 26:

Health: 4800

Damage: 1100

Speed: 125

Armor: 0%

Critical Chance: 5%


Stun, Deceleration, DoT, Vulnerable: 100%

Swap Prevention: 75%

Voracious Strike ( on unlock version, heal 25% of max health)

Lethal Wound

Fierce Rampage

Group Wounding Ferocity (Target all Opponents. DoT .25 of Max health for 2 turns. Target Team. Cleanse Distraction and Crit Chance Decrease. Increase Damage by 50% for 2 turns, 4 attacks. 2 turn cooldown.)

Lesser Wounding Counter


Don’t mind the names, I don’t really know much ancient greek so they might not make sense especially the second one

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Now that I’m looking at this again, GWF might be a bit much.

The first one has a better moveset imo and the second one has better stats

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This was mine. We could use a wildcard apex


Just no. WAYYY too much attack and health. Would absolutely ruin the arena

Can Ghastbuster stop liking my post it’s annoying and it tricks me to think that someone responded in one of my topics

Which one, also they’re raid stats not stats for pvp

Ghastbuster just stop liking my post :imp:



The color for the spinosaurus apex should be like orange

Still, 3500 base attack is still WAY too high for raids, itll one shot too many things.

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Happy Cake Day!

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tank u :DD

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