New apex Corgisaurus spotted on map, is anyone else seeing this?

Look at it, it’s hideous. Look at that forked tongue…terrifying! Haha just joshing, this is my new puppy Arthur. How do I feel after my first week of knowing him…



Lol i thought that was the new terriersaur cuteusanklebiteus


Haha, yes I’ll tell ya this little guy has a Fierce Impact when it comes to our heels. Well he was bred to herd cattle and horses after all. But does he have to Crit my ankles 100% of the time?

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Don’t let that face fool you. Deep down inside there could be a ferocious beast. :wink::sweat_smile:

Congrats on your new puppy Arthur! He is adorable! :grinning::heart::dog:

Thank you!

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