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New Apex Creature Idea

So a couple players by the name of TheDoomSlayer Cryoraider, and Xalvion came up with this idea for an Apex creature, and I was allowed to help them with it. So help I did, TheDoomSlayer and I made the main stats and Cryoraider created some amazing artwork!
Here are the stats:

Terroraptor Stats Unlock Version:

Health: 3,600
Damage: 1500
Speed: 126
Armor: 10%
Crit Chance: 30%


100% Stun, Bleed, Vulnerable
75% Swap Prevention, Distraction
50% Speed Decrease


Group Cunning Strike
Gashing Pounce (Gashing wound, but with pounce. Cooldown 1)
Intimating Fury (Mutual Fury, but distracts the opponent team rather than buffing them. Distraction lasts 1 turn, 2 attacks, and is 50%)
Nullifying Impact and Run
Venomous Wounding Counter (Distraction+DoT, loses Swap Prevention in place of 25% DoT).

Terroraptor Boss:

Health: 66,936
3 rounds, 22,313 per round
Damage: 2,357
Speed: 144
Armor: 10%
Crit: 30%


100% Bleed, Stun, Vulnerable
80% Rend
50% Distraction, Deceleration

Round 1 Moveset
Group Cunning Strike
Prowling Shields
High Pounce
Group Instant Distraction

Round 2 Moveset
Group Cunning Strike
Group Debilitating Distraction
Prowling Shields
Debilitating Rampage

Round 3 Moveset
Group Cunning Strike
Intimidating Fury
Shattering Pounce


Health: 6016
Damage: 1519
Speed: 119
Armor: 0%
Crit Chance: 5%
Resilient Strike
Group Decelerating Strike
Group Rampage (Delay 1, Cooldown 1)
Decelerating Counter

Health: 4466
Damage: 1786
Speed: 150
Armor: 0%
Crit Chance: 20%
Fierce Strike
Group Ferocity Strike
Group Heal
100% Deceleration

New Animations:

Group Cunning Strike: Raptor darts in, nips at opponent(s), retreats.
Prowling Shields: Crouches down, leaps to the left, right, then jumps into the center roaring.
Pounce/Rampage: Normal Animation, but with an extra nip added in at the end.
Group Instant Distraction/Debilitating Distraction: Roars, then slashes claws at the opponents
Intimidating Fury: Raptor lights up the red spots on its body, and lunges forward

The colors for Terroraptor are a jet black, with glowing red spots on it. The spots can be found all over, but it’s largest ones are located on its arms.

Description: The Terroraptor is a nocturnal creature, which ambushes its prey at lightning speed before its massive fangs target the throat of its victims. It kills with brutal efficiency, and any animal unlucky enough to cross paths with it will find itself prey to this massive raptor.

Pictures by Cryoraider. Couldn’t have made this topic without TheDoomSlayer, Cryoraider, or Xalvion so thank y’all for letting me in this project!


Reminds me of a Alex I made. Chaosoraptor. Very similar, though a different style. As the name suggested, it centers around causing chaos upon the other party. He’s immune to things that can directly hinder his attack and can nullify, distract and something else to just screw you over. Pretty average stats though too, but 1650 attack, 130 speed, 4000 health, and his signatures, violent rampage and critical rampage

Great concept

I made something similar and this is what I came up with

download (2)

Tell me what are your thoughts is it to op or just ok and let me know if I should change anything

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It needs a bit more health and a strike that doesn’t have a cooldown. Group Camouflage would be cool though.