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New apex raid bosses and 2v2 arena idea

My idea on new apex bosses: Would be cool if the next apex bosses would have to be defeated differently to all 7 of the week we have now, maybe an apex you’d have to defeat with 2 players who both have to select 2 dinosaurs, maybe the 9th apex is an incubator battle you do every week. The 8th is a turtle and the 9th a crocodile, something like this would be interesting, there would be no carrying here. For the 10th apex there could maybe be like a campaign you’d have to do every week, where you maybe had to work together to defeat bosses as missions or something like that, and maybe that could be a lion. maybe the raids could like overlap that the 8th is also on monday etc

The 8th would be really interesting

I also had an idea on 2v2 arena mode where you could fight with a friend or a random person, with like maximum current trophy distance of 250, and the same to your opponent, that you can also see what your teammate does, and have a different team setup that would make tryo and tuo more usefull in battles.

I really like the 2v2 idea

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