New apex raid

What dinos do you think will beat this new apex raid and how many turns (on average) do you think it will take to beat it personally I’m going with 6-7 turns and the team that could beat it may be Indo gen 2 another Indo gen 2 and a Thor and a tuora

As much as I hate to say it. I think there will be flocks on the apex raid or an upcoming one

Edit: thot this was saying accompanying Dino’s, my bad. Lol

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Paratops and mortem should do decent. Wont reall know for sure whats needed untill the moveset is out and the minions

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It’s out. And it looks… actually kind of easy. Something that you can have fun with for once.

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Well I wouldn’t describe it as easy but I do have a strategy that might work

Obviously the boss isn’t out yet so not sure it’s 100% but it is a low level one indeed

Easy for an apex boss.

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Jeez. Doing that skoo championship last was clearly worth it lmao

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Yep :+1: definitely was

Yeah I admit it is easier than most apexes

I wonder how good it is?

gaming bevaer made a video on it chec it out

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Probably decent given the really good stats and resistances along with a great kit.

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I’ve got a 5-turn strat ready for Tuesday


That’s great :grin:



Tested and it works

Honestly most things would work given the ease of this raid. JAM CITY YOU FINALLY DID SOME GOOD FOR ONCE AND GAVE US A FUN RAID! I crap talk Jam City a lot, but I am sincere about this, this is how you (mostly) design a raid. It’s fun, quick, and can be done with a variety of creatures!!!

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You don’t even need a healer. We beat it easily with mortem, rexy, Thor and Cera

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