New April fools idea

I know it’s a long way away but what if they added a pokemon strike tower or two and add dinos for the event like pikachu or snorlax ect

It wouldn’t be Jurassic World alive then, it would be Pokemon world alive.

Buuut given that it should happen, I will request for every single Kaiju that has ever lived to appear in strike towers (and yes it includes the Toho & Heisei series). JWA would have to buy the copyrights though (the same applies for your idea) and it’s waay beyond Ludia’s budget so it’s impossible.


I think they are doing it early with the Thor and Phoru buff that’s imminent.


Probably the best April fool’s event they could give us would be an update with proper buffs and nerfs to creatures we’ve asked for, actual bug fixes for alliance chat, dinos being blacked out on the map, raid bosses disappearing if you dart a dino near them, etc., and the introduction of more dinosaurs into our dinosaur game.

We’d be so confused by actually receiving a good update.


This is more like a Ludia meme.

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Or a meme event like it would have the coffin dance meme (is that old)

In the history of memes, it is relatively young : in fact, the word meme predates the internet itself soo…

a fight with a level 26 lythronax but when you try to deliver a killing blow you see “uh uh uh you didn’t say the magic word”