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New aquatic/cenozoic class idea


So I had an idea that there could be a new cenozoic class: Forests. It could consist of flying birds (Eg Argentavis, Teratornis, Pelagornis), primates (Eg Gigantopithecus, Australopithecus),large reptiles (Eg
Megalania, Pristichampsus, Purussaurus) and kangaroos (Eg Procoptodon, Sthenurus,Protemnodon).

As for aquatic, there could be another class: Tropics. It could consist of whales (Eg Basilosaurus, Livyatan, Odobenecetops), Ichthyosaurs (Eg Ichthyosaurus, Shonisaurus,Opthalmosaurus),Sea Scorpions (Eg Jaekelopterus, Pterygotus, Megalograptus) and Nothosaurs (Eg Nothosaurus, Lariosaurus,Keichousaurus)

Because of these new classes, the class advantages will have to be changed
Surface beats cave
Cave beats reef
Reef beats tropic
Tropic beats surface

Snow beats savannah
Savannah beats forest
Forest beats cavern
Cavern beats snow


It would be nice to see more diversity other then tigers and chickens

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Meh, I don’t think the aquatic and Cenozoic classes need to be redefined. Sure, it may not be 100% accurate, but it’s the best we got considering this is the JP/JW universe.