New Aquatic Creature

My guess is that it’s Plesiosuchus. On the survey I put a ton of creatures and this was one of them. I hope Ludia listened.


Let’s take an even close up look. Uhh. It could be a hybrid

Maybe Bazylosaurus

It could be a kornosaures a prehistoric creature

Looks like it’ll have Dakosaur animations, though i hope i’m wrong and we get new ones

Anyone know how this creature looks versus the release image for Suchodus?

Maybe ambulocetus

I bet you guys it’s a hybrid

Kinda looks like a mosasaures

Since the only tournament hybrids are both surfaces, a cave or reef tourny hybrid would be an awesome addition.

Probably a cave creature, since it says Deep in the Caves. Hopefully a tourny hybrid, looks like a mix of suchodus and something else.

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Yeah makes sense. Hopefully they’ll add a reef at some point to counter those surface hybrids.

I’m calling Geopleurodon
Geosaurus + Liopleurodon
Since Geosaurus has an unlock this week.
I’d love for it to be with Suchodus though.

Not a hybrid. Okay

Why do you say that?

Although does look like it could be a Plesiosuchus. But could also be a Suchodus hybrid. The tail to me looks too small for a Plesio so I’m putting my chip on a Suchodus hybrid.

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Plesiosuchus for the win. It is also the featured tournament creature this weekend.

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i hope they put in my dilophosaurus gen 2 that i requested