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New Aquatic Hybrid Idea

I might be rehashing something someone has already thought of probably but this is my first post on here so please forgive my ignorance. They might have already cooked this up in their lab but they should make a hybrid of Helicoprion and Henodus so it would be another armored shark like Megarchelon. You could call it either Helicoprodus or Henocoprion, let me know which you guys think is better and whether you have already had a similar idea, honestly interested…

Hello @Drew_Shaut and welcome to the forum.
So far Ludia never made a hybrid where one part was a VIP. I could imagine that many of us don’t like the idea because VIP, especially aquatics, are very valuable and hard to get.
You never know, but I think there are many other aquatics that could be used for hybrids.

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