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New Aquatic Hybrid Solved

Hi everyone I’m pretty sure I’ve figured out what this weeks aquatic hybrid will be! Looking at the background of the image that Ludia has given us we can expect that this will be our second reef hybrid, meaning that we need at least one reef creature in the fusion.

After looking at the picture you can also tell that the hybrid has a turtle-like shell meaning that one of the creatures has to be one of the four turtles. We can immediately eliminate Henodus and protostega from the list because Henodus is a vip exclusive and protostega is already being used in a hybrid. After looking at a level 40 archelon and psephoderma the psephoderma is much more similar to the hybrid it has the spikes on the crest of its head and a much longer end of its beak than the archelon the shell is also a more spikey shape like the psephoderma, while archelon is much more smooth. Onto the next creature used in the fusion I decided to take a look at each subclass of aquatic I found that the only possibility for the creature to be a cave was a dakosaurus, but that didn’t make much sense. My guess is that the second creature will be a kronosaurus the kronosaurus has similar coloration as well as a similar snout shape, I decided I wouldn’t be liopluerodon because of the lower jaw shape. Kronosaurus and the hybrid have very similar jaw features.
In conclusion the hybrid is most likely a cross between kronosaurus and psephoderma.


That seems plausible, and I agree on the psephoderma being one of the 2 dinos needed, but IDK about Kronosaurus.

A) this locks it in as a reef hybrid, and I’d much rather have a cave hybrid, so I’m banking off a cave dino to be the 2nd dino.
B) Leptostega is already a brute with it’s health being low and high attack, and the Kronosaurus is another brute, and so it doesn’t make sense to have 2 brutes (although this is Ludia and there is 4 carno-tourney-hybrids).
C) It could be a tank, since the psephoderma has awful attack, but this really doesn’t feel needed, since the only cave brute is the Bananogmius, which doesn’t add up.

So I’m really banking it off being A) not a tourney-hybrid and B) being a cave hybrid.

The “Within the Caves” banner would indicate at least one cave creature.


Probably the turtle and dakosaurus

The mouth is wayyyyyy to similar to dakosaurs to not be it


That… makes sense…

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