New Arena Backdrop (Ideas)

Let’s say we were to get something above Shores, maybe to unclog Gyro, Library, and Aviary by domino effect. What sort of backdrop do you think would be cool? I feel as though we may get a set piece from Dominion if we ever did, but what would you like to see?

I personally would love

• Jurassic Park Visitor’s Center (Right next to the fossil dioramas or even right outside the steps to the doorway)

• Jurassic Park Gate (On the tracks right in front of the iconic structure, maybe with added rain for final level dramatic effect)

• T-Rex Paddock (On the tracks in front of the iconic breakout scene, also with rain for reasons stated above)

Give me your thoughts or your own suggestions!


indom paddock with the scratches on the walls, trike skull with or without dead indo. san diego streets, plane crash from jp3, raptor paddock in jurassic world, jp rex paddock, abandoned lab from jp3.

in order from best to worst.

  1. Indom paddock with scratches on walls
  2. Jp rex paddock
  3. plane crash from jp3
  4. abandoned lab from jp3
  5. san diego streets
  6. raptor paddock in jurassic world
  7. trike skull with/without dead indo

next mososaurus tank would be best to the game cuz it means aquatics where they can jump out and attack in pvp


How about:

  • The JP Helipad

  • Battle at Big Rock campsite

  • TLW Game Trail

  • Sorna Airfield


What if the 4 other islands from the Muertes Archipelago were to be added?

I would love to see any og JP backdrop


Maybe the Welcome to Jurassic Park scene I mean the park gates.

Maybe a Gyrosphere area
The Mosasaurus tank
The lava place from JW:Fk where the Baryonyx attacked
The Indominus Paddock
The abandoned hatchery in JP 3 where the cast encountered the raptors.

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The Battle at Big Rock campsite
The Helipad

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This has just reminded me of Jurassic Park Warpath, where one of the arenas was the gas station during that scene.

The inner part of the Jurassic World Monorail.

Maybe the open land with the long grass scenes from The Jurassic Park Trilogy could work?

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Actually, I’d love to see a JP3 aviary. Although it seems boring just having another aviary but just with steel bars, I think it’d be cool to have some fog and occasionally a have a jp3 pteranodon fly about in the background and have a compy or two run amok as well. But I think this would mean they;d have to be added to the game, wouldn’t it?


The bunker from JW:FK where baryonyx attacked is the first arena