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New arena needed

When can we get more arenas. More players getting higher up but no where to go. Just stuck in same arena you can be all level 30 in avairy and library. Was 1 game away from shores then 1 game away from avairy gone from gyro to perm now in library.

I agree! I think there should be around two more arenas before you get into the league arenas. This would mean that players would have more time to prepare before they come into league arenas.

The coins rewards upper arena need to be rework ,it would be less interesting to trophy drop is there is enough coins and dna upper arenas.

Screenshot_2020-10-17-22-25-02-87_debb3a6effb94fb48ccd6f8645f0052d Screenshot_2020-09-17-16-33-54-79_debb3a6effb94fb48ccd6f8645f0052d
I wish we could do PvP in them