New Arena - one time offer (after next update)?

Dear Ludia

I’m in Jurassic Ruins forever but after the next update i will jump over Lockwood and get straight into Aviary with my 4600+ points. Normally when we go an arena up we get an exclusive one time offer (that i’ll buy normally) but what happen this time?


Looks like you have to delevel …

Yeah I messaged them In the game. They said unfortunately there is no way to back track the offer. The only way is to have less trophies. I was steady at 4800-4900 and now just tanked down to 3900 just in case

I’ve only received OTO from leveling up, not from graduating arenas.

You should have the chance every time you level arena

When the new arena’s was introduced (lock and aviary) people with enough points that got straight into it, did you get an one time offer before the first battle in the new arena? If that is the case i’ll just have to drop under 4500


How many coins and DNA were featured as OTOs for the last two arenas?
And how much hard cash was needed? ^^

Ummmm…I can’t remember…it was a long time ago

@BoonSlevin do you know this? OTO contents for Lockwood Estate and Aviary?

This video has the One Time Offer I was offered for Aviary (at 3min 40sec). I declined it because I don’t buy the ones that cost in-game cash.

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Thanks. More expensive than I expected. More DNA and coins too though…

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