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New arena season. Nothing to collect

Hi there,
I Was at 1900 points in arena and now with the new season my points get halved to 950
So far nothing strange.

The problem Is at 950, bronze 1, i have nothing to collect (well, 25 runes to be honest)

Silly thing Is that if i had less points, and new season id go below bronze 1 (copper 3?) I would have collect all the copper rewards.

Honestly It makes no sense ti have less rewards for being in higher places…

@Ned please tell this to developers (i wonder how can they ignore it?)


Hey Ddedo, thanks for the feedback! I’ll share it with our team.

I have it too! I had it even today too. I had 2080 trophies so I was at Silver 1*, and I dropped to Bronze 1*. And I was only be able to collect 75 runes and 2x 100 medals. It’s happening 2nd season for me now. Can you fix it please? Thanks

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Seems normal to me. Unless you drop below 1800 trophies at the end of season you can’t collect anything below bronze.

Yeah I never understood their system but always made sure I dropped below 1800 after getting burned one time. Why not just let us collect all the rewards? Top players are going to be miles ahead of us anyways, I don’t think anyone has an objection to it.


Yeah, I went down from 1812 to 906 and I was able to collect only runes for Bronze 1. It’s so unfair and needs to be changed


Why do u think Is normal someone at higher Place (1900) get less rewards then someone at lower score (1800)?

Actually cant find any Reason for It: higher Place should get more rewards, not less.

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I thought it was a bug report when reading the one just before me. Sorry for the mistake.