New arena without boost

Please introduce new Battle system with Level 21 Dinos without boost. It should have trophy count and should get incubator as reward. It will provide new battle strategy and new Dinos can be used.


I wouldn mind it being normal levels or level 26 tbh. 26 prob better

Leveling to level 26 will need so many coins. Idea is to be able to use Dinos as soon as it is unlocked. For unique it is level 21. For other classes you still need to level it to 21 but that will require less coins

Why not just be 26 and be automatically tournament level

And if its 21 then apexes can’t really exist

Apex should default to level 21.

Well thats pointless

Auto tourney level is just easier

2 types of tournaments and PvP exists, if you have patience, there’s friendly too. No need of another Arena. So HARD PASS.


Tourney rewards vs normal battle rewards are completely different. There should be arena where we can battle without boost. One change we can have it to remove level cap. Let it have Dinos of all level. Same as we had before boost. So NON BOOST arena is must and with same rewards

I m really surprised that people don’t need to battle in no boost mode. I don’t want to go in with n problems because of boost. So it would be good to get the same experience we had when there were no boost. NON BOOST arena is must

Believe me, non boost Arena is no fun. It became stale. You know why? speed tie.

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Same rewards for non boost Arena and boosted arena is a slap in the face for players who spent time and money on boosts.

And then that becomes advantageous the closer you are to Montreal

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I meant like it’s aputomatically 26

I’m all in for an unboosted arena, but the problem is waaay too many people would leave the normal arena. More competitive and paying players wouldn’t be too happy with it and neither would ludia if it’d hurt their pockets thus i don’t see a realistic chance for it to happen. So i think it should be more like a sandbox arena with unlimited boosts where you could set the level and boosts of your team however you wish. Since it’s also PvP, the takedowns for the dbi could be shared between the normal and unboosted arena, but that’s pretty much it. If you want to climb up the ranks, get incubators (for extra boosts and dna) or rewards you’d still need to play the competitive arena, giving people a reason not to completely abandon it. At the same time you could test your team ideas, freshly unlocked dinos and the most fitting boost distribution to your playstyle in the “unboosted” arena. If we’re being so severly punished when it comes to boosts and resources, we should get a chance to test our ideas first. What this game is desperately lacking are FUN game modes. Ludia wants us to play more, but they think the best way to achieve this is to force us to play more meanwhile it would be more efficient to give players more opportunities to just have fun. It clearly shows on the forum that people are getting bored and frustrated with the game. No wonder when every last aspect of the game is repetitive and boring. Towers, raids and pvp have nothing new under the sun, pretty much the same day after day after day… A sandbox arena would give us a chance to relieve our frustrations or just do something crazy for the lolz. For sure i’d be the first to test my current team idea and also see what a lvl 30 max boosted dimorphodon can do against top meta teams:D