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New arena?!

On the iOS AppStore I find this arena looks new

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Interesting. It looks like some sort of construction site.

it’s for 1.7 I believe maybe it’s a abandoned warehouse orrr in jurassic park 3 there was that building that had the raptor and the eggs? :thinking: many possibilities

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On second thought that’s a gyrosphere :joy: I gues it where they build them

Amusement Arcade is mentioned in the notes. It’s for 2 day pay to enter tournaments


What am I even looking at here? This is jokes, yes?

Somebody didn’t read the release notes. It says right in it that there is a new arena

  • Tournament matches occur in the new arena: Amusement Park!

I had missed this in reading it. Well spotted @Justin_Larson

Huh… It doesn’t really look like an amusement park…
I suppose any part of Jurassic World could qualify? :thinking: