New arenas 1.8

Does anyone have screenshots of the new arenas? Lockwood Library, Gyrosphere Depot, and Nublar Shores. I would love to see what they look like. It would be greatly appreciated. :grinning:

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Thank you! Wow! I love the Lockwood Library background! So neat! :grinning:

Do the new arenas have exclusive dinos? I don’t see them but I’m not sure if it’s bevause I haven’t reached them yet and I never will. Or is the aviary the last exclusive?

I don’t believe they do

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very nice. really great it is not to lose what game I play in mobidescargar

I finally got to Lockwood Library. Bit disappointed no one time offer. At least for the memories.

well,they have new texture in battle but they don’t bring you more coins,dna or anything else in the arena incubators.
The rewards is the same as in aviary:360 golds