New Att 3.0

Are you really going to buff Thor? Man, this update has everything to be good, but buff on Thor is very ridiculous. I saw this in a video of a guy, it said that he will be immune to slowing down and bleeding. I am praying to be a lie, because my God, there is no need for this buff to happen.

Send the link cause it’s fake 100%


buffing thor is no problem
Its the boosts that are the trouble-makers

that video was fake


There is no such thing as 3.0 update.

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Eventually, there might be,.

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I imagane a 3.0 would be aqatics, or team pvp like a team vs team(tho considering how anoying raids can be, and how badly the consection can be that wouldn’t be the best thing ever)

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it is the only pure fierce, show it some love

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