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New attacks and abilities

Abilities: Evasive Roar,Wounding Woosh (replacing gashing wound) Extreme Acute Stun (replacing Ceramagnus Acute Stun). Attacks: Precise Strike,Instant Impact,Group Refreshing Impact & Run,Resilience Breaking Rampage And Cunning Destruction, (does 4x damage) Damage soon …

But what do they exactly do? And which creatures will use them?


Sounds better than acute stun and Magnus does not need a buff

Ummm even on something with 1000 attack, that does as much damage as Morty rampage

Magnus is kinda weak for me so yeah

Echolocation (perhaps for indo)

Self: Cleanse all negative effects
75% to dodge 66% of damage
Increase crit chance by 20%

Target opponent:
Distraction 25%

Evasive Roar will be swapped for Mimis’s Evasive Strike. Gashing Wound would only be on dimphordon and stigidarx. Cunning Destruction will only be of refer

Coil: (for new snek)

Target opponent:
Vulnerable for 2 turns
Speed decrease 50% for 2 turns
Swap prevention 2 turns
Distraction 25% for 2 turns

Collision: (new tortle)
2.5x damage precise

On escape impact (also for new snake)

Target escapee Attack 1.5x

Voracious strike

Target self cleanse speed decrease
Target opponent bypass armor

Primal instinct

Self: Cleanse all neg
Dodge 75% for 66% of damage
Increase crit by 30%
Increase attack by 50%