New awesome update idea


you can make Jurassic world alive more fun by making it to male your own house a dinosaur lab and make it so u can trade DNA and training and make it like Jurassic world evolution but only one lab which is your house


If only the basics of this game actually worked this sorta stuff would be fun! but with current state of the game if they added such I fear the game would become completely unplayable


I was actually thinking something similar. I read someone bemoaning the lack of Velociraptor, ankylosaurus and one other in their area, and I’ve been drowning in them. More than I can possibly use. Ditto allosaurus, apatosaurus, parasopholophus. Meanwhile I rarely see T-rex, never see gorgosaurus, brachiosaurus, anything ending in -suchus except maybe majundasuchus once a week. Saw my 1st concavenator last week… would be nice if we could have an open market where we could trade our surplus DNA with each other.

I understand the chaos that might unleash but I’d love to be part of a trial run with it.


I like where you are going with this, perhaps we could breed dinosaurs and trade the eggs to other players! Then when they hatch they give a random (but decent) chunk of DNA or something. Or have newly hatched Dinosaurs be released into the wild, like around your suburb so we can create player made nests.


New Awesome Pre-Update Update: fix ALL the bugs in the game BEFORE even thinking about implementing the next update. And by “all”, I mean every last one of them.

You fix bugs in advance of an update, and you won’t have to keep fixing things on the fly, and hacking us off by dragging your feet, or totally ignoring us, or sending us auto-response emails that basically tell us that whatever’s happening, it’s always on our side. Ludia, face it: your devs are doing things totally backwards here. The main mistake you made wasn’t rushing the game out, it was totally ignoring the players.

Any game company that wants to survive, and needs a loyal fan base to do so, must always listen to its player base - and not only when you feel like doing so. A happy customer is one that keeps coming back to spend money, because they know their concerns have been heard and taken care of. Do you do this? Not all the time, it seems. And would it kill you to send more than just the standard auto-response email? I’ve only ever spoken with real live mods on the forum, and maybe once or twice with Ned, but the devs keep to themselves, never interacting with us “mere mortals”.


They actually did that in JWTG! I remember they had a huge Q&A between the players and the devs! That is needed here!

Not the mods relaying information but a genuine player dev back and forth!


I think there’s two important things you’re forgetting when you try and make claims like this. Before I say anything else though, I will say there is reasonable expectation for bugs to be solved that are effecting a large part of the player base, or have potential to affect outcomes that are important. I’m not trying to defend Ludia when I say this, but man, you’re being straight selfish when you say it in that tone. I’d venture to guess that we’ve all experienced at least a couple bugs during play, I know I have…but there’s still a difference between reasonable expectation and what you posted.

First - its code. There will almost always be bugs in code. No matter how well coded, or how long is spent QA’ing code, its almost guaranteed at some point somewhere there is going to be a bug in the code. Especially as that code is expanded on and added to.

Second - the sheer number of devices that the game is played on. Not to mention the different apps and programs on each device that are almost 100% going to be different somehow on some level from device to device (even the same model), let alone the different versions of the OS each one is running.

So before you go and make such a blanket statement about fixing ‘every last bug, and you mean “all” of them’ before thinking about any sort of update, take two minutes even to consider just how long that would take before the game was ever updated again. Do bugs need to be addressed? Yes, absolutely…and prioritize ones that are effecting the larger number of players in a negative way.

At least the game isn’t being made by EA…


Or even worse Tinyco!