New Battle Arenas Please


There’s a huge span of levels/trophies in the Sorna Marshes. We need more arenas to better balance battles. Someone that has 5000 trophies should not be in the same as someone that has 3000. We need more for fairness.


They won’t fight each other … Matchmaking will give you someone with equal Trophies. Or high LV computers if you lost a few matches versus real players.


Yep. Arena doesn’t play a role in opponent matching. It’s for incubator tiers.


According to metahub there are new arenas soon to be added - up till rank 12 (now is rank 7).
Hopefully we get better dinos though for the arena rewards the more we go up as well as much more DNAs… seriously the difference between Arena 1 and 7 Epic DNAs is not that much


I’m wondering where anyone can get all level 30 dinos. I’ve come across a few like that. I’d assume they’re computer or fake. No one I’ve seen on the leaderboard has any at even 28.