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New Battle Event

Maybe I’m missing something but I don’t see this event but it shows to be a four day event

That was the T-rex Gen 2 event

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Interesting, my game shows Alpha 06 to be around for a week, if I’m reading it correctly.

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I completed that in just a few minutes but I don’t remember it showing up as a four day event

It was. Giving people time

If this holds, we will have no one to blame but ourselves for not defeating the boss. Additionally, you should be able to grind out as many raid missions as you desire


Well, you can if you don’t mind spending the DBs for so little reward back. But yeah, at least Ludia has adjusted the goal way down due to nerfing the event so badly no one wants to do much of it anymore so looks like we’ll easily hit it this time.

Hey has rex G2 in the shop. I know I haven’t unlocked it because I didn’t have a Kentro, but to those who unlocked it, is it in the shop

there has not been an opportunity to unlock it yet.