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New battle simulator in JWA toolbox

Yesterday I just saw a battle simulator for JWA toolbox


ut’s an upcoming feature

I know I can’t wait

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Me too

why does it have to be 10 characters to be relevant?

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Do you think it’s a sandbox mode or an arena to test out your made up creatures?

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eyyy its me and my worst enemy who got a bleed immunity making him almost impossible to beat!!!
Although I don’t use JWA Toolbox, this certainly seems like its something good


Ur worst enemy?u mean monolometrodon?

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hopefully, an arena to test our made up creatures as well as JWA creatures in battle

Yeah him too, tho I believe he’s close 2nd since he at least can’t stun me and make me constantly skip a turn every single time, but idk, both are my main enemies


I kept searching up when will the battle simulator will come out but I can’t find any answers so hope it doesn’t take to long👍

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Me too i hate monolometrdon as well

Yup i can’t wait until the baytle simulator is out

Don’t hate him, just an annoying boi to face

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JWA toolbox doesn’t show the answer either look

No date no nothing

What will the battle simulator mostly be about

I feel like if this was just very recently posted, nobody may know the answer to that question, unless they work with the organization or whatever and have inside intel

But I think both would be a good idea considering you can kinda test what your or others new and original creature would be like in the arena

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It’s coming really soon, someday in Q1 2021.


admin of the toolbox discord server here, uh
Battle Sim is currently on beta testing, when it’s complete it’ll be released for the public

Yes, Battle Sim is an arena which you can use to test strats
Yes, you can test your made-up creatures, currently that isn’t implemented however (it will when released)
Yes, you can choose any creature, in game or not
Yes, it’s coming up by the first quarter of the year
This was all announced as part of the features that would be added, so no intel/working with the organization really needed

And no, it won’t have custom animations, it’s just the battle system of JWA to help you and to help test raid strats/arena shenanigans
also the battle sim tab was there since the toolbox was popular so for you to just find out is kinda wacky